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Inspired by the classic game Missile Command. Defend your cities from waves of alien attacks. Unlock special abilities as you reach your highest scores. Enjoy an engaging story with interesting characters as they fight to defend the earth from a formidable enemy.


Last Defense of our Time





Tap the screen in the desired location to fire a missile that counters an enemy attack. Tap a special move at the bottom of the screen to unleash an epic attack to gain the upper hand against your adversary's assault.


Gameplay Features


• Nostalgic gameplay with a modern feel 
• Mind blowing original music by Perspection 
• Compelling story with memorable characters 
• 30 levels of intense action 
• 6 menacing boss fights 
• Unlock 5 powerful skills 
• Unlockable gameplay modes 
• 15 achievements to conquer 
• Beautiful retina display graphics 
• Unique design aesthetics




1. What device does this game play best on?
The game works on all iOS devices from the 3rd Generation to current. If you have a 4S, the game works fastest on, however, the iPhone 4 was the device the game was designed on.


2. The game keeps crashing, what can I do?
First of all, make sure the game is running on a device mentioned above. Secondly, the game requires a maximum of 120 mb of ram to run without crashing. Restart the device and clear your multitasking list.

3. I don't understand the resource system, can you explain it in more detail?
Basically, resources are the means to restore a city after being destroyed. If you run out of resources the game is over. If all cities are destroyed, 2 resources can be used bring back a city. You gain more resources every other phase, 2 for killing a boss, and if you have 6 cities standing at the end of any phase.


4. How do I beat the 3rd boss?
You need to stay on top of killing the circle enemies. The best way to kill them is to fire the multi-shot just below them in order to kill their three missiles. If you concentrate on them, it is pretty easy to take down the panels.


5. Whats the best strategy to use against the plants in phase 22 & up?
Turn on the effects in the main menu options. The snow makes it hard to see their attacks. Otherwise, focus mainly on taking out their attacks.


6. Whats the difference between the iPad and the iPhone version?
The iPod/iPhone version currently the most up-to-date. The iPad version comes with a boss-rush mode. We are currently working on optimizing the graphics for faster gameplay and better performance for all versions. Expect these updates within the next few months.


If you have any other questions relating to anything Last Defense; contact us with "LDooT support" in the comments.

What people are saying about LDooT:

"Somebody set up us the bomb."
- Mechanic

"Without the midichlorians and this game, life could not exist,
and we would have no knowledge of the Force.

- Qui-Gon

"It's over 9000!"
- Vegeta


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