We love to hang out on planets.


We like to cram as many of us onto a planet as possible. However, we don't like to be smashed next to ones of the same color. Help relieve us of our misery by popping us!


Watch out for the Impostors though. They love planets just as much as we do. But they are jerks and sneak on any chance they get. They only want to bully us and blast us around. Stop them before they go mad and blow up the planet!








Pop the balls by aiming and shooting a color ball at two or more of the same color that are touching. Destroy the impostors by popping the same amount color balls against their side. Complete objectives to unlock enhancements and special actions. Pause the game to track your objectives and progress.


Gameplay Features


• Simple and Addictive Gameplay 
• Instantly Likable Characters 
• 24 Challenging Objectives 
• 8 Unlockable Enhancements 
• 4 Special Actions to Customize Play Style
• New Original Music




1. Does the game run well on the iPad 1?
It was designed to play best using the latest iteration of the iPad. However, the iPad 1 does still have enough memory to run the game without crashing. Expect major frame rate lag when a lot of things happen on the screen at once. The iPad 2&3 are highly recommended to play this game as it was originally intended.


2. Will the iPad and Mac version have Gamecenter support?
Yes! In fact, they will be linked so you can continue your progress which ever version you are playing. This game plays very well on the computer using a keyboard.

3. How does the 6+Combo Gem work?
Basically, a combo is any time you shoot and explode 3 balls at once. So if you are able to explode 6 or more in one shot a gem will appear on the board. Shoot the gem with any color and the shot queue will change all to that same color you shot with. This will allow you to get another 6+Combo with ease, or kill an impostor faster by loading the area up around it with its color.


4. Do I have to blow up the exact amount of balls around an impostor to kill it?
No. You can kill it in several hits. Having more than enough will wield you more points so if you have the room, go for the higher scores.


5. I'm having trouble with some of the objectives?
Some of them are definitely more challenging than others. Remember to use all the resources you have acquired so far, work fast, and kill impostors as soon as possible.


6. Is there any goal to work toward?
Getting higher scores and reaching the top of the leaderboards is always worth doing. But if you finish all of your objectives a nice relaxing endless mood is unlocked allowing you to play for the fun of it. Get to lvl 99 for the maximum zen experience.


If you have any other questions relating to anything Blast; contact us with "Blast support" in the comments.


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