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Balls love to hang out at parties. They like to cram as many of them into a party as possible. However, they don't like to be smashed next to ones of the same color. Help relieve them of their misery by popping them! 

Watch out for Impostors. They love to crash these parties. They sneak in any chance they get. Their goal is to close the party early by making the party room smaller and smaller. Stop them as fast as you can! 






Pop the balls by tapping them when two or more are touching. Destroy the impostors by tapping them the number on their side. Complete objectives to unlock enhancements and special actions. 

Pause the game to track your objectives and progress.


Gameplay Features


• Simple and Addictive Gameplay 
• Instantly Likable Characters 
• 30 Challenging Objectives 
• 10 Unlockable Enhancements 
• 4 Special Actions to Customize Play Style 
• Retina Display Graphics 
• New Original Music




1. Will there be a quicker "time limit" type game mode?
Yes! We are currently in the works of adding a blitz mode to the game. This will be a 1 minute fast-paced adrenaline rush. It will also be playable for free in the upcoming arcade section.


2. Whats the point of combos?
Mainly to get coins and get yourself into hyper mode. The sound effect is addicting to.

3. What makes the Imposters solid and how can I kill them?
Basically, after 3 minutes of gameplay the imposters become very stubborn. After a time limit (based on the number on their side), if you don't tap them to death, they become solid. the only way to get rid of them is to use an exloder ball.


4. What are the exploder balls?
They are the best way to complete objectives the fastest. When you have one you tap on the icon at the top and then tap where you want it to explode. You need to collect 150 coins in order to purchase them. They are bought in the reward menu screen.


5. Whats the fastest way to collect coins?
Hyper Mode (red screen), during which every pop gives you a coin. To get into hyper mode, you must hit a cluster of 3 (or more) balls, 6 times in a row. If you miss one, the count doesn't start over, it only subtracts1 from the 6 times. You can also get coins from combos


6. How do I complete the "40k in under 5 min" objective?
Collect a few exploder balls, go into hyper mode and much as possible, and use every special abilities you have. Also, stay focused and don't let any imposters solidify.


If you have any other questions relating to anything Boombastic; contact us with "Boombastic support" in the comments.


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